Dr. Chana Sacks Named Editor-in-Chief of NEJM Evidence

Journal streamlines health evidence for busy clinicians and patient care professionals

BOSTON, March 26, 2024 — NEJM Group, publisher of the New England Journal of Medicine, today announced the appointment of Chana A. Sacks, M.D., M.P.H., as editor-in-chief of NEJM Evidence. A practicing physician in the Division of General Internal Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Sacks took over leadership of the journal, replacing Jeffrey M. Drazen, M.D., who transitioned to editor-at-large. A founding member of the journal team, C. Corey Hardin, M.D., Ph.D., moves into the executive editor role vacated by Dr. Sacks.

“Dr. Sacks brings a fresh and dynamic approach to engaging journal readers with thought-provoking medical research, and I welcome her to the editorial helm of NEJM Evidence.” said Eric Rubin, M.D., Ph.D., editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine. “I’d like to extend our thanks to Drs. Sacks, Hardin and Drazen and the entire team at NEJM Evidence for their dedicated service to our authors, readers and staff.”

Now indexed in the National Library of Medicine database, MEDLINE, NEJM Evidence seeks to advance clinical trial research and clinical practice by: 

  • Publishing high-quality studies from the front lines of medical research.
  • Challenging the medical community to take new approaches to clinical trial design and execution that yield more powerful clinical evidence.
  • Sparking debate and conversation around areas of medicine where clinical decisions are made without sufficient evidence.
  • Engaging physicians in a more sophisticated and meaningful way with clinical evidence.

“I’m honored to work with an exceptional team of editors who, as practicing clinicians and active investigators, understand the importance of curating highly topical, practice-changing evidence for busy journal readers,” said Dr. Sacks, editor-in-chief of NEJM Evidence. “Together we aim to change how medical professionals think about the generation of evidence, while making clinical learning fun and engaging.” Read more about Dr. Sacks’ vision for the journal in this editorial.

NEJM Evidence adheres to rigorous peer-review and quality standards in publishing original research, clinical trials, standard and systematic reviews, case studies and reviews of clinical trial methodology. The journal publishes article series that address patient care issues, solicited case presentations along with unique content such as:

  • Tomorrow’s Trial, a series of short pieces that highlight accepted practices lacking solid evidence and inviting clinician readers to propose clinical trials to fill those gaps.
  • Patient Platform, in which patients who have been in a clinical trial, part of a research study, or had their care impacted strongly by these, share their thoughts on their experience.
  • Stats, STAT!, a series of brief animated videos explaining fundamental statistical concepts.

“At NEJM Evidence we dig deeper into the context and methodology of clinical research with a goal to provide our readers with health evidence that has a direct impact on their daily practice,” Dr. Hardin added. “We invite clinicians and patients to share their research and insights with us.”  

Researchers may submit their manuscripts for consideration. Email questions or comments to the editors at editorial.evidence@nejm.org. Interested readers can subscribe to NEJM Evidence or sign up to receive regular content alerts for any NEJM Group journal.


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About NEJM Evidence

NEJM Evidence, a monthly journal from the publishers of the New England Journal of Medicine, presents innovative original research and fresh, bold ideas in clinical trial design and clinical decision-making. NEJM Evidence expands the corpus of published research with a focus on providing more context and critical evaluation of the methods and results to support clinical decision-making and does so in a way that respects the time and commitment of the practitioner. Additional information is available at evidence.nejm.org.


Dawn Peters
Director, Strategic Communications & Media Relations
NEJM Group