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A history of forward thinking. A future of superior care.

Who We Are

Advancing Research, Improving Care

To truly transform health care practices around the world, clinicians, researchers, and health care leaders need the most rigorous and robust information available. Our mission is to deliver highly valuable medical research and reviews, giving health care professionals the knowledge and evidence they need to enhance their practice.

What Makes NEJM Group Different?

Unrivaled quality standards

Applying the highest scientific standards to what we do, we devote extraordinary time and energy to ensuring relevancy and rigor.

Frontier-pushing medical theory and practice

Expanding the limits of health care around the world with groundbreaking research and clinical insights, to set benchmarks for progress in treatment and patient care.

Trustworthy, timeless gold standard

Setting the standard by consistently providing our community with the best medical knowledge to further learning and improve practice.

Essential for professional growth

Fostering professional growth, whether just beginning a medical career or looking to improve upon decades of experience.


From our leadership to an extended network of medical professionals, we bring passion and dedication in support of our mission to transform health care practice around the world. Meet members of our executive team.

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NEJM Group

860 Winter Street
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1-800-THE-NEJM (1-800-843-6356)
+1-781-434-7888 (outside U.S. & Canada)

Institutional Access

Learn more about our site license program which provides institution-wide online access to the New England Journal of Medicine, NEJM Evidence, NEJM AI, NEJM Catalyst innovations in Care Delivery, NEJM Journal Watch and the NEJM Archive. Ovid Technologies, Inc. is the worldwide distributor. For pricing and information please visit Wolters Kluwer or contact the sales team at sales@wolterskluwer.com.